Hanes Bras: You guide for selecting the best in the Hanes store

Are you wondering where to buy a quality bra? Hanes bras might be your solution as they offer varieties in underwires and wire free bras. Their quality is awesome and they retain customers. As usual, I’ve a list of the top best Hanes bras followed by their reviews. You might love some!.

When it comes to bras, Hanes is one of the best brands to go for.Ladies have been buying from them for years and have never really had problem.They have all kinds of collections for all kinds of occasions.Whether you want to shop for a party, office or casual wear, Hanes has  all, but that’s not all. It is important to wear the right size of bra,whether you are an A cup or a D, whether you are size 32 or 36. Wearing the wrong size and style can make you uncomfortable, cause rashes and it may also cause your bra to wear out faster than usual. Whatever your size maybe, it is absolutely essential to select a bra that is comfortable and of great quality.

Apart from giving you the list of best bras I also want to give you a simple guide on how to select the right bra for your self.

Here a few simple steps that will help you pick the right bra....the right way..!

1) Measure Yourself: That’s right, the first step is to measure your band size. Take a measuring tape and measure below your breasts.

2) Find out about the Cup: Once you are done with measuring the band size find out what exactly is your cup size. Wrap the tape around your back and bring it together near your nipple. This way you can find out the size of your bust.

3) Now your size: subtract your band size from your bust size. The number you get is your right size. Don't forget this may differ from brand to brand. So make sure you check the sizes well before you go ahead and buy.

Here we are going to review some of the best Hanes bras


Hanes Women's Convertible Wire Free Bra


The Hanes Women’s Convertible Wire Free Bra is exactly the thing to wear if you are wearing a low neckline.Ladies buy this amazing bra and it turn out to be comfortable and easy to strap on. Although it does not have an underwire, it keeps you firm. Since it is a V cut, the bra does not show from the t-shirt. The hook and eye closure is convenient and it is easy to maintain since it is a machine wash. This is one bra that is extremely comfortable and easy to maintain.

  • It’s perfect for a v-neck style outfit
  • Can be washed in the machine

  • There is no underwire so it doesn’t uplift your bosoms.


Hanes Women's Comfort Shape Concealing Petals Underwire Bra


The Comfort Shape bra is exactly as it’s name suggests. It has a cup pad and an outer cup that gives a great shape to your body. If you like to wear light fabric or perfect fitted tops this bra is perfect for you.Ladies usually wear it in the summers or whenever they are wearing something light. Another very good reason why this bra is one bests is that he petal concealers are smooth and sleek, so it doesn’t show through your clothes.

  • It is smooth and sleek so it does not show through your clothes
  • It’s perfect for tight fitted tops and light fabric tops
  • The cups are stylish and petal shaped

  • Hand-washed only


Hanes Women's Concealing Petals Wire-Free Bra


The wire-free petals bra is the right fit for any kind of outfit. It’s easy to strap on due to its hand and eye closure. And since it can be washed in the washing machine it is also quite easy to maintain. The bra is 1 inch high and 9 inches wide. It has spaghetti straps that can be adjusted anytime. The double hook and loop is something I love about it  most.

  • The hook and eye closure is extremely beneficial
  • The built in padding is exactly gives an amazing shape
  • It also has adjustable spaghetti straps which make it convenient
  • Can be washed in the machine

  • There is no underwire so it doesn’t uplift your bosoms.


Hanes Women's Comfort Evolution Bra


This bra is made of polyester and spandex. The sweetheart neckline is exactly why most people choose the comfort evolution bra. It has a contrast sheen on the trims. An Ideal feature is the hook-and-eye back closure. You will feel so comfortable and firm wearing it to work or just casually. It’s wire free which keeps relaxed all through the day. Since this bra is a bit delicate it has to be hand washed with care.

  • It has an easy to use hook and eye closure
  • This bra is a mix of contrast sheen trims

  • Sine it is wire less you will have less support


Hanes Women's Cottony Boyfriend Wirefre

The Cottony Boyfriend Wirefree is mildly padded and provides amazing support. The stretching fabric offers a flexible fit and a great shape. You need to hand wash it.

  • It has an easy to use hook and eye closure
  • It comes in a number of sizes, so you can select accordingly
  • It’s patten is stylish and fashionable.

  • If you are used to wearing  under wire bras then this one is not for you since it doesn't have.



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